Google, like many other companies, would use budget tables to plan expenses and revenues by comparing the ideal financial numbers against the actual figures. The static budget amount in the table represents the base case scenario that Google can use to plan its expenses and revenues. As the financial period progresses, Google would look at how the actual data compares with what was assumed in the forecast. The budget tables show the difference between the static, proposed budget and the actual figures to analyze the magnitude of those differences and explore why they happened.

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While specific company names are not mentioned in the content, many successful companies use budget tables to manage their finances. For instance, tech giants like Google and Microsoft are known for their rigorous financial planning and budgeting processes. They use budget tables to compare their forecasted budget with actual figures, helping them understand where they are overspending or underspending. This allows them to adjust their financial plans accordingly and make informed decisions about resource allocation.

Some alternative methods to budget planning in business include zero-based budgeting, where every expense must be justified for each new period, and flexible budgeting, which adjusts to changes in volume and activity. Another method is incremental budgeting, where the current budget is prepared using the last budget and incremental amounts. There's also activity-based budgeting, which is based on the level of activities that will be undertaken during a period. Lastly, value proposition budgeting focuses on funds allocation to drive value to customers.

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