The Personal Savings Calculator does not explicitly mention the use of artificial intelligence in its functionality. It is primarily a tool for budgeting and financial planning, which users can customize according to their needs. However, if AI were to be integrated, it could potentially enhance its functionality by providing personalized savings recommendations based on user's spending habits, predicting future expenses, or identifying potential savings opportunities.

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The Personal Savings Calculator spreadsheet can be modified for use on mobile platforms by using the mobile versions of Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Both these applications have mobile versions available on iOS and Android. You can download the spreadsheet on your mobile device and open it with the respective application. The functionality may be limited compared to the desktop version, but you should be able to perform basic tasks such as inputting data and viewing calculations.

The Personal Savings Calculator spreadsheet can significantly influence decision-making processes in personal finance by providing a clear and organized view of your financial situation. It allows you to set and track your savings goals, helping you to stay on budget. By visualizing your financial data, it can help you make informed decisions about spending, saving, and investing. It can also highlight areas where you may need to adjust your financial habits to meet your goals.

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