Building a SaaS platform for big corporates involves a strategic approach that takes into account the unique needs and preferences of these organizations.

Firstly, understand the corporate's pain points and needs. This is crucial in developing a product that stands out against the competition. As the content suggests, there is often a disconnect between what executives believe about their product and what customers actually think.

Secondly, aim for the top quintile. The power curve shows that companies in the top quintile capture nearly 90% of all economic profits. Therefore, your SaaS platform should aim to provide exceptional value that places it in this top category.

Lastly, be prepared for high-uncertainty problems. Strategy is challenging because it deals with low-frequency, high-uncertainty problems. Therefore, your SaaS platform should be flexible and adaptable to handle these uncertainties.

In terms of piloting, identify corporates who are most likely to benefit from your product and approach them with a tailored proposal. Highlight how your SaaS platform can solve their specific problems and add value to their operations.

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