The book 'Better, Simpler Strategy' has influenced corporate strategies and business models in several ways. Firstly, it introduced the concept of the 'Value Stick', a framework that helps businesses understand how to create and capture value. This has led many companies to reevaluate their strategies and focus more on creating value for customers and employees. Secondly, the book emphasizes the importance of simplicity in strategy, arguing that the most successful companies often have the simplest strategies. This has encouraged businesses to simplify their own strategies and focus on their core competencies. Finally, the book provides numerous case studies and examples, which have served as a source of inspiration for many businesses.

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The 'value stick' concept in the book 'Better, Simpler Strategy' is a framework that illustrates the distribution of value among customers, employees, and the firm. It's a visual representation of the value created by a product or service. The top of the stick represents the customer's willingness to pay (WTP), and the bottom represents the firm's willingness to sell (WTS). The difference between WTP and WTS is the value for the customer. The difference between compensation and WTS is employee satisfaction. Finally, the difference between prices and cost is the value captured by the firm. By drawing value sticks for specific products and customer and employee groups, companies can better understand and manage the distribution of value.

Implementing the value stick framework can present several challenges. First, accurately determining the Willingness To Pay (WTP) and Willingness To Sell (WTS) can be difficult due to market fluctuations and customer preferences. Second, balancing customer value and employee satisfaction can be tricky. Third, the framework requires a deep understanding of the company's cost structure, which may not be readily available or easy to comprehend. To address these challenges, companies can conduct regular market research to understand customer preferences, engage employees in decision-making processes to ensure their satisfaction, and invest in financial expertise to understand cost structures.

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