Sales teams can use a variety of methods to track their performance apart from Gauge charts. Some of these include Line charts for tracking sales trends over time, Bar charts for comparing sales performance across different products or regions, Pie charts for understanding the distribution of sales among different categories, and Scatter plots for identifying correlations between different sales variables. Additionally, sales teams can also use Dashboard software that provides real-time tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs).

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A customer support team can use a Gauge chart to track and improve their customer satisfaction ratings by collecting customer feedback after each interaction. The feedback can be quantified and plotted on the Gauge chart. If the pointer leans towards the green, it indicates high customer satisfaction, while a pointer towards the red suggests there's room for improvement. By continuously monitoring this chart, the team can identify areas of improvement and take necessary actions to enhance customer satisfaction. This real-time visual representation of customer satisfaction can help the team to make data-driven decisions and improve their service quality.

Global companies like Apple and Google can use Gauge charts to track their monthly revenue against set targets by setting the target revenue as the maximum value on the Gauge chart. The actual revenue can then be represented as a pointer on the chart. If the pointer is towards the green, it indicates that the company is either on track or exceeding expectations. If the pointer nudges towards the red, it suggests there's room to improve. This visual representation allows companies to easily track their progress and make necessary adjustments to meet their targets.

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