The content provided does not contain specific information about the key growth principles identified by Steve Anderson in 'The Bezos Letters'. However, based on general knowledge, some of the principles could include customer obsession, long-term thinking, eagerness to invent, and operational excellence.

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Some examples of companies turning their failures into successes include Apple, who initially failed with the Apple Lisa but later found success with the Macintosh. Similarly, Microsoft's Windows Vista was not well-received, but they learned from their mistakes and improved with Windows 7. Another example is Coca-Cola, who faced backlash with New Coke, but used the experience to solidify the popularity of Coca-Cola Classic.

Some examples of companies that have adapted their business models based on customer feedback include Starbucks, which expanded its product line based on customer suggestions, and Netflix, which shifted from a DVD rental service to a streaming platform in response to changing customer preferences. Microsoft is another example, as they continually update their software based on user feedback.

Amazon's approach to customer expectations has significantly influenced its business strategies. The company learned from its Amazon Auctions venture that customers expected to pay a low, fixed price on Amazon. This understanding led to the development of a pricing strategy that prioritizes affordability. The failure of zShops, due to its complexity for third-party sellers and customers, led to the evolution of the Amazon Marketplace. This shows that Amazon uses customer feedback and expectations to adapt and improve its business strategies.

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