Apart from focusing on low-hanging fruits, other methods to optimize business processes include Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, automation of repetitive tasks, process mapping to identify inefficiencies, and continuous improvement initiatives. It's also beneficial to invest in training and development of employees to enhance their skills and productivity.

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While specific company names are not mentioned in the content, many organizations across various industries have successfully implemented the low-hanging fruit strategy in process optimization. This strategy involves focusing on easy-to-implement changes that yield significant improvements. For instance, a manufacturing company might streamline its assembly line to reduce waste and increase efficiency, or a retail business might simplify its checkout process to enhance customer experience. These changes, while relatively simple to implement, can have a substantial impact on the organization's overall performance.

Some alternative strategies to process optimization that can yield fast results include Lean Management, Six Sigma, Business Process Reengineering, and Total Quality Management. These strategies focus on eliminating waste, reducing variation, redesigning processes, and improving overall quality respectively. They can be implemented quickly and can yield significant improvements in efficiency and effectiveness.

Global companies like Apple or Google can apply the concept of starting with low-hanging fruits for process optimization by identifying and implementing changes that are relatively simple and can yield immediate results. This could involve streamlining existing procedures, automating repetitive tasks, or eliminating unnecessary steps in a process. By focusing on these low-hanging fruits, these companies can achieve quick wins, which can build momentum and support for further process optimization efforts.

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