Other ways to create a cohesive visual experience in a presentation could include the use of consistent color schemes and fonts, the use of graphics and images that align with the topic, and the strategic use of white space to avoid clutter and enhance readability. Additionally, maintaining a logical flow of information, using transitions effectively, and ensuring that all visual elements support the main message can also contribute to a cohesive visual experience.

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In addition to using animation effects, other ways to enhance viewers' retention of material in a presentation could include: using clear and concise language, incorporating interactive elements, repeating key points, using visual aids like graphs and charts, and providing handouts or follow-up materials for reference.

Video backgrounds can serve as an effective asset to enrich and enhance slides by adding visual appeal and drawing the viewer's attention to key points. They can also help to transition smoothly between topics, enhancing the viewer's understanding and retention of the material. The kinetics of these backgrounds can align with the rhythm of the presentation, creating a cohesive visual experience that complements the spoken content.

To make the message not just seen but also felt in a presentation, you can use storytelling techniques, engage the audience with interactive elements, use powerful visuals, and incorporate relevant examples or case studies. Also, the use of appropriate body language and voice modulation can help in conveying the message effectively.

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