The pursuit of perfection can sometimes hinder innovation in business. This is because the pursuit of perfection often involves sticking to established methods and processes to ensure the highest quality. On the other hand, innovation requires taking risks, experimenting with new ideas, and accepting the possibility of failure, which can be seen as imperfections. Therefore, the pursuit of perfection and the need for innovation can sometimes be at odds with each other.

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The question is broad and can have multiple answers depending on the industry and the definition of 'perfection'. However, some companies that are often cited for their high-quality products or services include Apple for its innovative and user-friendly technology products, Four Seasons for its exceptional hospitality services, and Toyota for its reliable and efficient vehicles. These companies have consistently strived for excellence and have set high standards in their respective industries.

Businesses can balance the pursuit of perfection with the need to meet deadlines and targets by creating an environment that refuses to accept mediocrity and never makes excuses for something being 'good enough'. They should never say, 'I don't have the time or the energy to do X.' If they are in the business of making things, then they should strive to make things great.

One way to manage the stress and pressure associated with the pursuit of perfection is to shift your mindset. Instead of striving for perfectionism at all costs, create an environment where you refuse to accept mediocrity and never make excuses for something being 'good enough'. If you are in the business of making things, then make things great. It's also important to take care of your mental and physical health, take breaks when needed, and seek support from others when the pressure becomes too much.

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