There are several strategies that founders can use to maintain control in a startup. These include: 1) Retaining majority voting rights: Founders can retain control by holding onto a majority of the company's voting shares. This allows them to make key decisions and steer the company's direction. 2) Dual-class stock structure: Some companies, like Facebook, use a dual-class stock structure. This gives certain shares (usually those held by the founders) more voting rights than others. 3) Board control: Founders can also maintain control by holding key positions on the company's board of directors. 4) Protective provisions: Founders can include protective provisions in their company's charter that give them veto power over certain decisions. 5) Building a strong team: By building a strong team that shares the founder's vision, the founder can maintain influence over the company's direction even if they don't hold majority voting rights.

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Some examples of companies where investor control has led to significant growth include Tesla, where Elon Musk, an early investor, took control and now serves as the CEO. Other examples could include companies like Yahoo, where investor SoftBank played a significant role in its growth, or Alibaba, where a group of investors led by Jack Ma propelled the company to its current global status.

The control of a company significantly influences its strategic direction. The individuals or entities in control make key decisions about the company's goals, strategies, and operations. For instance, they decide on the company's mission, vision, and values, which guide all other decisions. They also determine the company's business model, target market, and competitive strategies. Furthermore, they make decisions about the company's resources, such as its financial investments, human resources, and technological assets. Therefore, the control of a company plays a crucial role in shaping its strategic direction.

Shifts in control can have significant implications on a company's culture. The new leadership may bring in new values, principles, and management styles that can drastically change the existing culture. This can lead to changes in the work environment, employee morale, and overall company performance. However, it's important to note that the impact can be positive or negative, depending on how the transition is managed.

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