The key elements of a Current State customer journey map include the actions, thoughts, and emotions that customers currently experience when they interact with a brand. It provides insights into the current customer experience with the brand.

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The effectiveness of customer journey maps can be measured in several ways. One way is to track the changes in customer behavior and satisfaction over time. This can be done by conducting regular customer surveys and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) such as customer satisfaction scores, Net Promoter Score (NPS), and customer churn rate. Another way is to assess the impact of changes made based on the insights gained from the journey maps. This can be done by comparing the performance metrics before and after the changes were implemented. Additionally, the effectiveness of journey maps can also be measured by the extent to which they help in identifying gaps in the customer experience and opportunities for improvement.

Customer journey maps can help in identifying gaps in customer service by providing insights into the actions, thoughts, and emotions that customers experience when they interact with a brand. They can highlight areas where the customer experience may be lacking or not meeting expectations. This can be in terms of people, policies, tech, and processes involved in delivering the customer experience. By identifying these gaps, businesses can take steps to improve their service and enhance the overall customer experience.

Customer feedback can be incorporated into customer journey maps in several ways. Firstly, it can be used to identify pain points in the current state of the customer journey. This can help in improving the areas where customers are facing difficulties. Secondly, feedback can be used to understand the customer's day-to-day interactions with the brand, which can help in creating a 'Day in the Life' map. Thirdly, customer feedback can be used to predict future interactions and expectations, which can be visualized in a 'Future State' map. Lastly, feedback can be used to improve the service blueprint by addressing the factors responsible for delivering customer experience.

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