The risks involved in starting a 'zero to one' business include the uncertainty of identifying an unmet need in the market, the challenge of creating a new technology to address it, the potential lack of consumer acceptance, and the possibility of facing competition from new companies that can improve upon your technology.

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'Zero to one' businesses can drive sustainable development by identifying unmet needs in the world and creating innovative solutions to address them. These businesses are not just improving existing technologies or bringing them to new markets, but are creating entirely new technologies that can have a significant impact on sustainable development. They deliver real value to consumers and can always be challenged by new companies that in turn improve upon them.

The ethical considerations for 'zero to one' businesses primarily revolve around ensuring that the unmet needs they are addressing are done so in a manner that is fair, equitable, and does not exploit the consumers or the market. They must also ensure that their innovative solutions do not harm the environment or society. Furthermore, while these businesses may become monopolies due to their unique solutions, they must not abuse this position to the detriment of consumers or stifle competition.

'Zero to one' businesses can influence industry standards by creating new technologies to address unmet needs. These businesses are not just improving existing technologies or expanding them to new markets, but are creating entirely new solutions. This innovation can set new standards in the industry, as other companies may follow their lead or build upon their technology. Furthermore, these 'zero to one' businesses can challenge existing monopolies, driving further innovation and improvement in the industry.

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