The steps to create a blue ocean in a saturated market involve focusing on innovation that creates a whole new market. This allows a company to stand out and avoid the cutthroat competition and shrinking profits of the red ocean. The key is to not fight for incremental competitive advantage and market share, but to create and capture a blue ocean that allows for sustainable, profitable growth.

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The blue ocean strategy aligns with a company's long-term goals by focusing on innovation and creating a new market, rather than competing in an overcrowded market with shrinking profits. This approach promotes sustainable, profitable growth, which is often a long-term goal for companies.

A company can maintain its blue ocean by continuously focusing on innovation and creating new value for customers. This can be achieved by staying ahead of the competition, constantly exploring new market spaces, and avoiding complacency. It's also important to keep the organization's culture and processes aligned with the blue ocean strategy.

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