A new employee can avoid causing unnecessary tension in their early actions by understanding the company's culture and dynamics, being respectful to all colleagues, and not making drastic changes without first understanding the potential impact. They should also aim to secure an early win that reflects their understanding of the company and its people, which can help build trust and acceptance.

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Some strategies for ensuring that early actions reflect an understanding of the company or department include: conducting a thorough diagnosis of the situation, understanding the people above and below, and considering how changes affect the overall climate of the company or department. The goal is to win support and begin building the foundation for trust and acceptance.

Examples of actions that could undermine the overall climate of a company or department include: lack of communication, not recognizing employee achievements, not providing opportunities for growth and development, and not addressing conflicts or issues promptly. These actions can lead to a negative work environment, decreased employee morale, and lower productivity.

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