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When you prep for an interview, start a new job or jump on a long-term project and need to organize and prioritize your processes, You Exec's 30-60-90 Day Plan presentation is your one size fits all solution. Utilize it to list and visualize goals, set realistic deadlines and strategize for success.

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Of course, you would want to build your 30-60-90 day plan calendar with this slide, first, to set up deadlines and milestones; so the process of your onboarding or project strategy implementation remains smooth and empowering.

Use this slide to define yourgoals, depending on the job or project you are currently working on. We recommend making use of the "SMART Goals" system, where "SMART" stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound.

It is important that you haveat least one metric that will help you keep track of the progress for all of your goals. Some of the questions to ask when setting your metrics are: "What is success in this case?" and "How will I measure it?"

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates


The main benefits of employing a 30-60-90 day plan in your professional life are:

  • Clear focal point – Developing a course of action for your first 90 days on the project helps you stay concentrated, motivated and productive.
  • Goal-getting attitude – When you set the vision and goals and work toward achieving them and marking milestones, you are more likely to finish it on time.
  • Enhanced chances of overall success – Using a defined plan screams self-management and ambition. Whether you are starting a new job or a new marketing campaign, having a 30-60-90 day plan will show your superiors or colleagues that you are dedicated and success-oriented, and, therefore, worthy of promoting and emulating.

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates


To develop an easy to follow 30-60-90 day plan: create a simple template, list your goals, name your 30-day targets, name your 60-day targets, name your 90-day targets, create and connect action items to each target. And if you are creating a 30-60-90 day plan specifically for a new job, HubSpot recommends setting the following goals:

  • Learning Goals – These goals should define how you will process and record new information about your company, team and role.
  • Initiative Goals – Which will define what actions you can take to prove that you are off-the-scale exceptional.
  • Personal Goals – These goals will determining how your interpersonal skills will aid your integration with your company and team.

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates

Case study

Credit Union Australia

When David Gee became Chief Information officer for Credit Union Australia, he shared his experience in an article published on ""

"On day one at CUA, I shared my 90-day plan with the CEO. I had prepared this plan before walking through the company's doors for the first time. It was also shared with my peers over the next few days and weeks during our initial one-on-one meetings," Gee writes.

Gee says he learned right away that events and meetings would consume him unless he clearly defined where he wanted to focus his time and energy. So the new CIO made the most use of his 30-60-90 day plan. The plan eventually helped him to achieve success in the new role by establishing his personal brand, authentically connecting with the staff and peers and making a tangible impact as a leader very early.

"Your time will be stretched during these first 90 days and you'll be subjected to much stress, so be sure to devote time to yourself and your family. Getting this balance right is difficult, but remember you are the only person who can control this. Taking time out to reflect will help you manage and think through where you spend your energy," Gee writes.

Download and customize this and 500+ other business templates