'Thanks for the Feedback' challenges traditional notions of feedback by focusing on the receiver's perspective rather than the giver's. It emphasizes the importance of how feedback is received and processed, rather than just how it is given. The book suggests that the effectiveness of feedback is largely determined by the receiver's openness to it, their understanding of it, and their willingness to act on it. It also highlights the role of relationship dynamics in feedback, suggesting that feedback can be blocked if the receiver has a negative perception of the person giving it. This shifts the traditional focus from the 'right way' to give feedback to the 'right way' to receive it.

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The book 'Thanks for the Feedback' addresses the issue of bias in feedback delivery and reception by discussing the concept of 'relationship triggers'. These triggers can cause us to reject feedback based on our relationship with the person delivering it, rather than the content of the feedback itself. The book advises not to let personal feelings about the feedback giver interfere with the potential benefits of the feedback. It suggests that focusing on the core of the feedback, rather than the person delivering it, can lead to valuable insights about one's performance.

Common obstacles to receiving feedback well often include personal biases, preconceived notions about the person giving the feedback, and emotional triggers. The book suggests overcoming these obstacles by focusing on the core of the feedback, rather than the person delivering it. It advises not to let personal feelings or issues with the feedback giver distract from the insights they have about your performance. It's important to separate the message from the messenger and concentrate on the constructive elements of the feedback.

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Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well

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