The 'Purple Cow' concept applies to startups in the sense that they need to be remarkable, new, different, and exciting to stand out in the market. Being safe is considered risky for startups. Instead, they should take the risk to be remarkable as it is the safest way to succeed. Examples of such remarkable startups could be Sam Adams, Jet Blue, and Starbucks.

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Companies can measure their 'Purple Cow' status by evaluating how much their product or service stands out in the market. This can be done by assessing the uniqueness, novelty, and excitement that the product or service brings. They can also measure it by the amount of risk they are willing to take to be remarkable, as being safe is considered risky in this context. Examples of companies with 'Purple Cow' status include Sam Adams, Jet Blue, and Starbucks, which are all exceptional and worth noticing.

Being remarkable can significantly affect a company's market share. When a company offers a product or service that is new, different, or exciting, it stands out from the competition. This uniqueness can attract more customers, leading to an increase in market share. Companies like Sam Adams, Jet Blue, and Starbucks are examples of businesses that have succeeded by being remarkable.

The concept of a 'Purple Cow' relates to customer loyalty in the sense that it encourages businesses to create products or services that are remarkable, new, different, and exciting. These unique and standout products or services are more likely to attract and retain customers, thereby fostering customer loyalty. Companies like Sam Adams, Jet Blue, and Starbucks are examples of businesses that have successfully implemented this concept.

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