Creating a 'Purple Cow' product or service can be challenging due to several reasons. First, it requires innovative thinking and the ability to break away from traditional norms. Second, it involves risk as it's not guaranteed that the market will accept and appreciate the uniqueness of the product or service. Third, it demands a deep understanding of the target audience, specifically the early adopters or 'sneezers' as they are the ones who will help in spreading the 'idea virus'. Lastly, it requires continuous effort to keep the product or service remarkable and prevent it from becoming a 'Brown Cow'.

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Some alternative strategies to becoming a Purple Cow could include focusing on creating unique and innovative products or services that stand out in the market. This could be achieved by targeting a niche market, offering exceptional customer service, or by creating a strong brand identity. Another strategy could be to focus on creating 'idea viruses', which are ideas that spread and are shared widely. This could be achieved by targeting 'sneezers', or early adopters, who are likely to share and talk about the product or service.

A business can measure its success in becoming a Purple Cow by the level of remarkability it achieves. This can be gauged by the extent to which their products or services are shared and talked about, especially by early adopters or 'sneezers'. The more their offerings spread like an 'idea virus', the more successful they are in becoming a Purple Cow.

Some potential criticisms of the Purple Cow approach could be that it may not be suitable for all types of businesses or industries. It heavily relies on the concept of being 'remarkable' or 'different', which might not be feasible or desirable for some businesses. Additionally, focusing on 'early adopters' or 'sneezers' might overlook a larger, more stable customer base. Lastly, the approach assumes that all remarkable products or services will be shared and talked about, which might not always be the case.

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