The challenges of managing invoices for international deals include calculating freight, tariffs, insurance, legal, and inspection fees. Additionally, accounting for currency exchange rates is also a significant challenge.

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The spreadsheet template assists in calculating freight for international orders through the Proforma invoice. This invoice calculates freight, tariffs, insurance, legal, and inspection fees for international orders. It takes into account all these factors to provide a comprehensive calculation of the total cost.

Key features of a good invoice software include the ability to enter billable services, product quantities, and additional expenses, with automatic calculation of totals accounting for taxes and fees. It should allow for charges to be broken out by services, product quantities, hours, or all three. For international orders, it should calculate freight, tariffs, insurance, legal, and inspection fees. It should also account for currency exchange rates for international deals. Lastly, it should have an invoice tracker to keep track of paid and outstanding invoices.

The spreadsheet template helps in keeping track of paid and outstanding invoices through an invoice tracker. This tracker tallies outstanding invoices, allowing you to monitor which invoices have been paid and which are still outstanding. It's a useful tool for managing your business's finances and ensuring that all payments are accounted for.

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