The low percentage of people feeling in control 5 days a week could be attributed to several factors. One of the main reasons could be the lack of a dedicated time management system. As the content suggests, 88% of employees don't use a proper system but instead rely on their calendars, inbox, and some sort of to-do list to get by. Those that don't use a to-do list just work it out as they go along. This lack of a structured approach to managing time and tasks could lead to a feeling of being overwhelmed and not in control. Additionally, other factors such as work stress, personal issues, or a high workload could also contribute to this feeling.

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Not feeling in control of one's schedule can lead to increased stress and decreased job satisfaction. It can result in feelings of overwhelm, burnout, and frustration. This lack of control can also impact productivity and efficiency, as individuals may struggle to prioritize tasks and manage their time effectively. Ultimately, this can lead to lower job performance and dissatisfaction.

There could be several reasons for the high percentage of people not using a to-do list. Some people might find it cumbersome to maintain a list and prefer to rely on their memory or intuition. Others might feel overwhelmed by the tasks on the list and choose to avoid it. Some people might not see the value in a to-do list, believing they can manage their time and tasks without one. Lastly, some people might not know how to effectively use a to-do list as a time management tool.

Not using a to-do list can lead to a lack of organization and control over tasks. It can result in forgetting important tasks, poor time management, and increased stress due to the feeling of being overwhelmed. It may also lead to lower productivity as tasks are not prioritized effectively.

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