The release of Toy Story revolutionized the animation industry by introducing the concept of fully computer-animated movies. It set a new standard for animation and storytelling, leading to a shift from traditional hand-drawn animation to digital animation. This also opened up new possibilities for visual effects and realism in animated films.

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Pixar pioneered several animation techniques beyond the creation of the first computer-animated movie. Some of these include the development of the RenderMan rendering software, which has been used in every Pixar film and many other films outside of Pixar. They also developed techniques for creating realistic lighting, fur, and water effects. Additionally, they pioneered the use of a technique called 'subdivision surfaces' to create more realistic and complex shapes in their animations.

Catmull's leadership style was instrumental in the success of Pixar. His vision and determination to create the first computer-animated movie, along with his ability to assemble and lead a team of talented individuals, were key factors in Pixar's success. His leadership style allowed for innovation and creativity, which are essential in the animation industry.

Some of the major milestones in Pixar's growth include the pairing of computer scientist and animator Catmull with storytelling genius John Lasseter and other talented minds. This team created the first computer-animated movie, Toy Story, which was a significant achievement and a dream come true for Catmull. This marked a new era in film and established Pixar's position in the industry.

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