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A rainmaker is anyone who creates revenue for a company, particularly in sales. Jeffrey Fox's How to Become a Rainmaker teaches anyone how to make it rain. With short, to-the-point chapters filled with practical advice and humor, Fox teaches effective selling techniques that are easy to apply immediately.

While much of the advice may seem like common sense, the book offers proven techniques that will help new and experienced salespeople improve their sales. From practical planning to professional attire, the focus of each technique is always on the customer and how to keep them happy. Common sense or not, the advice in this book works.


Common sense isn't always so common and the advice here serves as a reminder of how important the basics really are. Readers appreciate the straightforward approach of the book and often find that they are "guilty" of not using some of the most basic techniques for sales. These reminders help seasoned salespeople get back to proven tactics and create a solid foundation for people new to sales. From planning to sales meetings, the techniques drive home the "customer first" mentality.

Of all the advice in this book, it's the "Rainmaker's Credo" that offers some of the best "common sense" practices to increase sales. These tips alone will help anyone that deals with customers.

  • Cherish customers at all times.
  • Treat customers as you would your best friend.
  • Listen to customers and decipher their needs.
  • Make (or give) customers what they need.
  • Price your product to its dollarized value.
  • Show customers the dollarized value of what they will get.
  • Teach customers to want what they need.
  • Make your product the way customers want it.
  • Get your product to your customers when they want it.
  • Give your customers a little extra more than they expect.
  • Remind customers of the dollarized value they received.
  • Thank each customer sincerely and often.
  • Make it easy for customers to pay you so they won't go somewhere else.
  • Ask to do it again.

Much of this credo will be familiar to most readers. It's familiar because it works and most readers will find at least one or two of these that they are "guilty" of not using consistently.

These best practices teach readers how to create a great customer experience that leads to sales. Other sections in the book teach readers how to get in front of that customer. For helping sales people stay organized and on track, Fox offers an easy-to-use checklist called the "4 point daily plan." The plan creates a practical way to measure sales progress. The goal of this simple plan is to get 4 points every day. One point is won for getting a referral or lead. Another point is won by getting an appointment with a decision maker. The third point is won by meeting the decision maker and, you guessed it, the fourth point is won by getting a commitment to close the deal. Simple, measurable and effective.

If you want to learn effective selling or get back to the basics of successful selling, How to Become a Rainmaker will get you there and serve as a go-to guide for a successful sales career.