Estimated revenues can be made more accurate with a sales funnel by meticulously tracking and updating the status, stage, and priority level of each lead. This data can then be used to predict the likelihood of a lead converting into a sale, and subsequently, the potential revenue that could be generated. Regularly updating this information ensures that the revenue estimates are as accurate as possible.

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The priority level of a lead can significantly affect the sales strategy. High-priority leads are those that are most likely to convert into customers, so they should be given more attention and resources. This could mean more frequent communication, personalized offers, or faster response times. On the other hand, lower priority leads might not require as much immediate attention, but they should still be nurtured with regular communication and follow-ups. By prioritizing leads, sales teams can more effectively allocate their time and resources, ultimately improving conversion rates and sales performance.

Common KPIs tracked in a sales dashboard may include the number of new leads, lead conversion rate, sales revenue, sales growth, average deal size, sales by region, sales by product, and sales target achievement. However, the specific KPIs tracked can vary depending on the company's goals and strategies.

This tool can help improve the win rate of deals by providing a structured and organized way to manage leads and prospective customers. It allows you to input all relevant data about a lead, including their status, stage, and priority level. This information is critical to the sales pipeline and dashboard, which can help you track progress and make informed decisions to increase the chances of winning a deal.

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