Choosing the most important stages or lead status is crucial because the input fields are capped at 15 inputs. This means you have a limited space to define your sales funnel stages and lead statuses. Therefore, it's essential to prioritize and choose the most significant stages or statuses that can provide a clear and effective overview of your sales process.

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Alternatives to using a kanban board visualization in sales could include Gantt charts, pipeline dashboards, or CRM systems that provide a visual representation of the sales process. These tools can also help to track the progress of leads and manage sales reps.

A sales rep can manage their funnel to win more deals by effectively tracking and managing the stages of their sales funnel. This includes understanding the status of each lead and prioritizing the most important stages or lead statuses. Additionally, they should be aware of their position within the sales team and continuously strive to improve their performance.

The different lead statuses in a sales funnel can vary depending on the specific sales team. However, they generally represent the stages a potential customer goes through in the sales process. These can include statuses such as 'new', 'contacted', 'qualified', 'proposal sent', 'negotiation', 'won', or 'lost'. It's important to note that the number of status fields is capped at 15, so the most important stages or lead statuses should be chosen.

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