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Knowing how to sell is like possessing one of the rarest commodities on Earth. Most of us just don't realize how persuasive we must be on a daily basis. Secrets of Closing the Sale explains that "everybody is a salesperson and everything is selling." We sell our employer on hiring us. We sell our kids on doing well in school and going to college. We even sell ourselves on who we are and what we want to become. How well we carry out the strategies Zig has set before us in his book will ultimately determine how successful we are in getting what we want in life.


What is selling? What is closing? What is the difference? Selling is when goods or services are proposed in exchange for money. Closing, on the other hand, doesn't happen until the end of this process when you actually "ask" the customer or client for their business. In turn, if you're presenting a product or service to a customer that is not handing you money, you're only selling—not closing. You may have informed and educated the prospect well, but they will not buy what you're selling if you cannot close them.

Most salespeople are unable to close because they do not understand the concept of closing. There are specific steps that need to be followed in order for one to successfully close a sale. The art of selling is psychological. The author demonstrates this in his book by telling a story when he and his wife were going house hunting. She had showed him a house that she fell in love with and could not stop raving about, but it was too expensive for their means. Knowing this, he did not want to view the inside. However, his wife eventually convinced him, as they both agreed that it would only be for show. When they arrived the following day to meet the realtor, he had suddenly realized that he had made a big mistake going there. The house was so beautiful that it created this overwhelming desire in him to purchase it. He then immediately began acting disinterested to protect himself from getting too excited about something he could not afford.

This is the psyche of most customers of whom you want to sell your product or service. Even if they know they truly need what you're offering, they may not yet be ready to buy so they will try to avoid your pitch before you get the chance to sell them. If you can better understand exactly what makes the customer shutdown, then you can better assess the situation when it happens and react accordingly.

There are critical steps in the this process. One of the most crucial steps is believing in the product or service that you are selling. If you don't, the prospect will sense it and will not believe in it either. Believing in your product and keeping a positive mental attitude will go a long way and it makes all the difference in selling. Your attitude will affect the emotions of others. The author says you can educate a person with logic, but you can only move them to make a buying decision by the way they feel.

Secrets of Closing the Sale exposes many great tips like these and more. Closing the sale is essential, as every other step in the selling process, but if any one step is left out or done incorrectly it can lead to an uninformed, dissatisfied customer; or worse yet, no customer at all.